Our Commitment

Fox Cultural Hall was founded, 40 years ago, to improve access to the arts, improve cultural awareness and cultural competence among our youth and our rural communities.  The foundational tenets of our work has been providing cultural learning opportunities for our children and the public, and a space for the arts to be the pathway to community building and learning. 

In 2015 our vision pivoted more towards racial equity, and equitable access became our guiding principle in all of our work and programs.  We uphold these tenets, by delivering our programs and resources equitably among those we serve and take in account equity in all of our decisions, distribution of resources and programming.  Since 2015, we have implemented data tracking tools to evaluate and ensure accountability and expand transparency in our programs.

Our programming focuses on providing economic opportunities for artists of color, artists of all ethnicities, of all abilities, genders, and sexual orientations. Through programming, we provide a public space for the messages of equality within the larger community and most importantly share this message with our young people, to promote a more inclusive, tolerant and equitable world.


We are committed to continuing to uphold our tradition of cultural learning work, community building and equitable access.  We are committed to promoting equality in our work for all people: people of color, indigenous people, people of all abilities and sexual orientations.  We know we have more work to do.  We are committed to finding ways to continue to expand equity within our programs, for the people we serve, and in the community, at large.  We will further develop this commitment in our 2021 strategic plan and focus on localized strategies and action steps, to strive to build our rural community as a place of equity and inclusion. 

About Fox Cultural Hall

Under the direction of CEO Eve McEneaney, Fox Cultural Hall was opened in March 2023 to increase the access and exposure to the arts for all in in North Lake Tahoe.  Fox Cultural Hall is a 501 c(3) non-profit that works to provide community and school-based art programs.  Founded in 1984 under the name Arts For The Schools the organization originally sought to address a decline in arts education by providing cultural and artistic programming for rural schools. Today Fox Cultural Hall serves dozens of communities in our service area, spanning two states, four counties and reaches 25 schools in California and Nevada.