1)Fill out the corresponding form with the assembly slot you prefer and your contact information. Read and check the box saying that you understand the cancellation policy, and click submit!

2) You will receive an immediate email confirmation of your submission.

3) By early October, you will be notified of the FCH assemblies awarded and coming to your school with a request for your preferred assembly start time.

4) PAYMENT – You will be sent an invoice for payment 1 month before your scheduled assembly. Please send the invoice to your PTO or school secretary for payment before the assembly.

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Due to large sets, theater performances are only offered at Fox Cultural Hall for: The Pa'akai We Bring Lightwire Theater – The Adventures of the Tortoise & Hare

Assembly Sign Up Contract

Fox Cultural Hall (AKA Arts For The Schools) is honored to bring you artists from all over the world. We are grateful that your school and/or PTO can help cover a small share of cost of $800 per performance, for us to bring the artists directly to perform at your school. Please contact us at least *60 days in advance* if you need to cancel an assembly, otherwise you will be held responsible for full payment for the assembly. By checking this box and submitting the form you are agreeing to host and pay for the Fox Cultural Hall assembly.