We invite you to have a team at Fox Cultural Hall (AKA Arts For The Schools) 8th annual fundraiser and festival with a unique competition event that promotes community involvement. Join us for food, drinks (alcoholic & nonalcoholic), live entertainment, kids activities and a competition that requires teams to build and race their own wooden boat built by hand.

Bring the whole family for a fun day on the beach!

1st place – Ultimate 2024 Bragging rights, 1st place trophy, Prizes Announced Soon!
2nd place – Respectable Bragging rights, 2nd place trophy, Prizes Announced Soon!
3rd place – Bragging rights, 3rd place trophy, Prizes Announced Soon!
Funniest Boat – Free dinner & drinks, trophy, feel good about supporting arts for kids

Date: Saturday, June 22, 2024: 11 – 6 PM
Team Entry Fee: $350, Team sponsorship encouraged
Where: Commons Beach, Tahoe City (440 N Lake Blvd)

Boat Challenge Schedule
• Construction: 11:00 am to 2:00 pm
• Rest, grab a bite or a beer – 2:00-3:00
• Race starts: 3:00 pm
• Awards 3:30pm or about 30 mins after race ends

Boat Building Materials (Provided)

What to Bring
1 Hand Saw
2 Saw Horses
1 Pop Up Tent (optional)1 Battery Operated Power Drill
1 Caulking Gun
Decorations for your Boat! (example: flag) –

1. Teams will consist of a maximum of 4 members, pre-registered.
2. Building time is 3 hours, 11:00 am – 2:00 pm.
3. Only the provided materials may be incorporated into the boat, with the exception of decorations – these
may not be structural. Sawhorses, tarps and poles may be used but must remain ashore during the race.
4. Boats must be under 9’ in length.
5. The Boat must be built using ONLY non-power tools, with the exception of 1 battery-powered screw gun. Teams should bring their own tools.
6. No drawings, or NO full size patterns can be brought to event.
7. Team members (minimum one) must power the boat. No motors permitted. Paddles or oars must be
made from materials provided.
8. Racers must wear Personal Flotation Devices. A bailing device must be carried in the boat during the race (provided).

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Indemnity & Hold Harmless Waiver

The undersigned voluntarily agrees to participate in the 2024 Arts For The Schools Dba Fox Cultural Halls’ Wooden Boat Challenge on Saturday June 22, 2024. The undersigned recognizes that Arts For The Schools has not undertaken any duty or responsibility for his or her safety and the under-signed agrees to assume the full responsibility for all risk and bodily injury, death, disability, and property damage as a result of participating in Arts For The Schools DBA Fox Cultural Hall's Wooden Boat Challenge.

By my signature, I hereby state that I understand the risks involved in participating in the Arts For The Schools Wooden
Boat Challenge and willingly and voluntarily accept these risks. By my signature, I hereby surrender any right to seek reimbursement or compensation from Arts For The Schools and its directors, officers, employees, volunteers, sponsors and other agents for injury sustained and release them from liability incurred during my participation in the activity described above. By my signature, I warrant that I am not relying on any oral representations, statements or inducements
apart from the statements made on this form.

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